LANGUAGE & EQ SUBJECTS: “Care for the Garden of Children’s Minds and Souls.”

In Alaska’s Vietnamese program, the Language & EQ subject is particularly popular among students and parents. Dr. Dieu Lan Phuong has been researching and teaching the program since 2012, and it has been copyright-certified in 2015. The program focuses on developing language skills (speaking and writing), nurturing fundamental knowledge, fostering independent thinking, and training emotional […]


Learning Math is fun with the Envision Math English Math Book Set No longer dry, boring or abstract, with the Envision Math English Math Book Set, students from K to grade 5 at Alaska Academy have had interesting Math lessons. Let’s learn about the strengths of Envision Math to understand why this is the book […]


Wonders – the “first” book series for tens of thousands of American children Alaska Academy has been at the forefront of educational innovation in Hanoi by implementing the Wonders Curriculum from kindergarten to elementary school over the past 7 years.   To help parents understand why the Wonders Curriculum has become the “first” book series […]

Introduction to the World of Wonders curriculum

  WORLD OF WONDERS CURRICULUM – MCGRAW-HILL Publishing House   To establish a strong educational base from the beginning, the World of Wonders curriculum from McGraw-Hill Publishing House introduces preschool students to a captivating world of discovery, cultivating and fostering an early appreciation for language. The World of Wonders is designed to prepare children aged […]


In addition, Alaska organizes four annual picnics for students to attend and enjoy. These large-scale and attractive events and festivals provide students with the opportunity to express themselves, discover interesting things from the world around them, and enhance their spirit of teamwork. This approach fosters a well-rounded educational experience, allowing students engage with their surroundings […]


In Alaska, the library stands as a significant investment project, boasting a stunning and scientifically designed space housing over 10,000 books in Vietnamese. The inclusion of book-related activities and reading projects, along with library lessons in both English and Vietnamese, forms an integral part of Alaska’s official curriculum. This holistic approach not only promotes literacy […]


Recognizing the importance of physical fitness in the holistic development of our students, Alaska International Primary has made significant investments in our sports facilities. This includes the addition of two outdoor basketball courts that meet FIBA standards, an Olympic-standard Taekwondo arena, and two soccer fields. These facilities provide our students with ample opportunities to engage […]


Once a week, Alaskids engages in music theory, singing, spoken word practice, and music games in the music room. These music lessons provide a valuable opportunity for our students to express their emotions, find joy, and reduce stress. By nurturing an appreciation for music and fostering aesthetic sensibilities, we aim to help our students develop […]


In the 2023-2024 school year, Alaska is investing in the expansion of three additional science and STEM laboratories to support the English and Science Curriculum. This initiative aims to seamlessly integrate English, Science, Engineering, and Mathematics, providing a well-rounded educational experience that bridges theory with practical application and encourages early career exploration. By immersing students […]


Fine Arts program at Alaska International Primary School is designed to encourage creativity and imagination by using materials from the students’ surroundings. This approach aims to help develop the students’ observational skills and contribute to the formation of their personalities.        


The Vietnamese Program: Encourages Children to Express Their Freely in Writing Alaska accords special importance to its Vietnamese program despite its strong emphasis on English language education. The Vietnamese program is an integration between the Ministry of Education and Training’s textbooks and the Language-EQ program designed by Dr. Dieu Lan Phuong, a lecturer at the […]


Alaska’s Mathematics Program seeks to address the traditional challenges of teaching math. It integrates the Ministry of Education and Training’s 2018 General Education Program with the Logical Mathematics Program developed by Prof. Dr. Le Anh Vinh. Dr. Vinh, an esteemed mathematician with a Ph.D. from Harvard University and extensive experience in international mathematics competitions, brings […]


The English program at Alaska International Primary School is designed with a teaching orientation that encourages students to use English as a tool to access knowledge across literature, nature, and society. The curriculum is structured to be dynamic and highly applicable, encompassing subjects such as Literature (Language Arts), Mathematics (Envision Maths), and Science. Additionally, the […]

Enjoy delicious and nutritious meals everyday!

Enjoy delicious and nutritious meals everyday! Alaska Preschool recognizes the crucial role of nutrition in supporting the physical, mental, and overall development of preschool children. Therefore, the school is deeply committed to providing meals of exceptional quality. Our focus is on utilizing foods of known origins, ensuring that every meal served meets rigorous food safety […]

Uniform regulations

The uniform regulations at Alaska Academy stip that the school uniforms consist primarily the colors white and red, with the Alaska logo embroidered on the left chest of the shirt., the school provides carefully tailored summer, fall, and winter coats made of sweat-absorbent, lightweight, and cool fabric. At the start of the school year, each […]