👉As part of the “Odd and Even Numbers” Project (Unit 9: “Growing Up”), our International Preschool students have immersed themselves in a range of engaging activities centered around the concept of even and odd numbers.
🎈To introduce the concept within the range of 10, a simple yet effective activity involving folding fingers was utilized. This tactile approach allowed students to easily comprehend the pairing of even numbers, and the isolated nature of odd numbers.
📈The “Odd and Even Games” further captivated students’ interest, as teams eagerly competed to swiftly and accurately classify blocks as either even or odd. Moreover, the interactive activity of randomly counting objects within the range of 20 brought an animated energy to the classroom, as students categorized even and odd numbers while honing their counting proficiency.
🌀By engaging in this project, children are not only developing their logical thinking and calculation skills but also cultivating a genuine passion for mathematics from an early age.
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