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To establish a strong educational base from the beginning, the World of Wonders curriculum from McGraw-Hill Publishing House introduces preschool students to a captivating world of discovery, cultivating and fostering an early appreciation for language.

  1. The World of Wonders is designed to prepare children aged Pre-K and beyond for their educational journey, laying a solid foundation for their future learning.

The statement on the home page of the McGraw Hill website affirms that Wonders is crafted to foster a passion for reading in all children. By engaging with a diverse range of texts and honing essential literacy skills on a daily basis, students will uncover the transformative influence of language. This approach emphasizes the holistic development of each student, cultivating lifelong learners and instilling critical thinking abilities. These principles also align with Alaska’s core educational objectives for children.

During the formative preschool years, early experiences knowledge acquisition hold significant. The Alaska Professional Council conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the World of Wonders curriculum and it suitable for Pre education. This curriculum not only facilitates the development of early literacy skills essential for reading but also integrates cross-subject knowledge, fosters classroom routines, and nurtures social and emotional growth through tailored instructional methods.

Regardless of time, borders, or cultures, literacy serves as the fundamental tool for empowering children to discover and fulfill their potential in our world.

  1. The World of Wonders curriculum offers advantages to both educators young learners

– Structured Rules and Habits: It introduces rules and habits in the classroom, fostering a positive learning environment while building foundational knowledge and skills to prepare children for higher education.

– Integrated Rich Materials: The curriculum incorporates rich and scientifically designed materials into its lesson structure, enhancing the learning experience and promoting engagement and critical thinking.

– Access to Digital Resources: Educators have access to powerful digital resources, including digital charts, e-books, videos, music, and “School to Home” letters in multiple languages, enabling versatile and inclusive teaching methods.

– Time-Saving Classroom Management: The curriculum aids educators in making the most of their teaching time by providing a complete organizational system and detailed weekly plans, allowing for efficient classroom organization and content management.

– Tailored Support for Students: The curriculum provides appropriate pathways for children of all ages, ensuring that students receive personalized support and guidance to meet their individual learning needs.

These advantages showcase the World of Wonders curriculum’s comprehensive approach to early childhood education, aiming to support both educators and students in their learning journey.

World of Wonders offers tailored weekly teaching pathways for children of all age groups and study systems, adapting to both full-time and part-time schedules. The curriculum highlights the incorporation of variation into daily and weekly lessons, ensuring engaging and diverse learning experiences. With a focus on guiding each child’s unique learning journey, World of Wonders is designed to support them in becoming lifelong learners. The curriculum has successfully demonstrated its benefits as a “first-born” approach for tens of thousands of American children, providing dedicated and detailed instructions for both teachers and students, as well as access to captivating and enriching books.

  1. Designing the World of Wonders curriculum:

World of Wonders is a literacy program that integrates various subjects, such as, science, social studies, and music, to create a well-rounded learning experience for students. Within each theme, students will develop essential pre-reading skills, gain fundamental knowledge, and cultivate effective classroom habits, setting them up for future success.

The curriculum comprises modules (units) are adaptable for teaching accordance with the school system and the of the child, and includes the following modules:

– Unit 1: Who we are

– Unit 2: Making Friends

– Unit 3: Families

– Unit 4: Food

– Unit 5: Our Neighborhood

– Unit 6: Transportation

– Unit 7: Animals

– Unit 8: Nature

– Unit 9: Ready for Kindergarten

In each unit, children will explore the following subjects:

– Social-Emotional Learning (SEL): Focusing on developing children’s emotional intelligence, self-control, and nurturing positive relationships.

– Alphabet Time: Emphasizing letters as the foundation for effective English language listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

– Book Time: Enhancing language proficiency, listening comprehension, and cultural knowledge through rhymes, stories, and other literary works.

– Integrated Science and Social Studies: Promoting curiosity and discovery in children by integrating knowledge about the world around them. Science and social studies are introduced naturally and familiarly, akin to the fresh air they breathe.

– Math: Covering 16 topics to familiarize students with arithmetic and geometric problem-solving. The curriculum helps children expand their thinking through scientifically designed exercises and presentations.

– Music and Movement: Engaging children in the vibrant world of music, encouraging them to express themselves and move rhythmically.

Alaska’s decision to utilize a single English curriculum for all age groups fosters consistency in knowledge, habits, and teaching methods, easing the transition to higher grades. By adapting modules for each age group and school system, the school aims to optimize learning outcomes for its students. This approach appears to prioritize a seamless educational journey for children as they advance through various grade levels.

  1. Components of the World of Wonders Curriculum:

– Teacher Edition: Th lessons with integrated weekly lesson plans and professional resources ensure that teachers are prepared from day one.

– Literature: Featuring classics and stories, this collection provides children with a rich library of favorite selections from renowned authors and illustrators.

– Read Aloud Kit: Children will delight in classic stories, nursery rhymes, and multicultural tales as they enhance their foundational knowledge and overall reading abilities.

– Sample Books and Booklets: Each unit is accompanied by booklets that offer early reading support.

– Social-Emotional Development: Weekly social-emotional books, flip charts for effective teaching, and lessons from Mister Rogers reinforce the skills children need for success in higher education.

– Resources to Support Teacher Instruction: Lesson preparation is made easy with planning worksheets, observation checklists, student supplies, reproducibles, and activity sheets that encourage free play.

– Online Resources: Access professional development materials, music, and videos via streaming or download, as well as key classroom routines, background research, and other tools to support your class.

  1. What do students benefit from the World of Wonders curriculum?

– Emphasizing correct pronunciation and practicing reading comprehension skills

Children in the World of Wonders curriculum are gradually introduced to letters and spelling through phonics. They learn to read and become acquainted with letters in the same manner as native speakers. By associating familiar sounds with unknown letters, they develop the ability to read, prioritizing pronunciation over memorizing letters. This approach to learning aids students in speaking English more naturally, leveraging their instincts and auditory abilities. Consequently, when faced with unfamiliar words, children can still pronounce them accurately.

To support students in proper pronunciation, World of Wonders provides a variety of engaging materials such as songs, poems, and English-language videos. These resources are designed to captivate and excite children.

Teachers consistently foster an environment where they encourage students to believe in the attainability of learning other languages. They strive to create a natural and comfortable setting for children to acquire languages.

– Helping children think and speak in English like native speakers, laying the groundwork for good writing skills in later school years. The focus is on developing comprehensive English proficiency, rather than simply translating from Vietnamese to English. By teaching in-depth language structures used by native speakers and connecting students with integrated scientific and social knowledge, the curriculum aims to enable children to communicate fluently and deeply in English. This strong English foundation not only enhances their ability to learn, but also prepares them for educational opportunities abroad in the future.

– Developing emotional intelligence:

The curriculum incorporates familiar and relatable topics such as “Caring for Ourselves”, “I Learn and Play in School”, and “Making Good Choices” to help children develop their emotional intelligence. By engaging with these topics, children can recognize and manage their emotions in a positive manner. This helps them appreciate themselves and others, fostering confidence and proactiveness in building and maintaining positive relationships. Through this approach, children not only develop language skills but also essential emotional intelligence, setting a strong foundation for their overall development.

– Flexible and intelligent communication:

The World of Wonders enriches students with a diverse vocabulary and knowledge spanning science, literature, social information. By incorporating collaborative conversations, students are provided with regular opportunities to practice listening and speaking This consistent practice aids in the development of proficient English communication skills, fostering flexibility and intelligence in their verbal interactions. Through this approach, students not only enhance their language proficiency but also cultivate the ability to communicate effectively and adaptively in various contexts.

– Open the door to the World

World of Wonders provides a comprehensive approach to language learning and personal development. By incorporating diverse topics such as cross-cultural stories, scientific issues, and environmental themes, it not only enhances students’ language skills but also nurtures their curiosity and global awareness. This kind of integrated learning can indeed help students become more confident and well-rounded individuals, preparing them for future educational endeavors and life experiences.

– Laying a solid foundation for higher education by providing students with a diverse range of knowledge and skills. Through its interdisciplinary approach, it fosters creativity and cultivates problem-solving abilities, preparing students to think critically and tackle challenges innovatively.

World of Wonders curriculum not only focuses language acquisition but also emphasizes the development of critical thinking, teamwork, and presentation skills:
– Critical thinking: By providing daily based on diverse topics, World of Wonders encourages students to find alternative solutions to problems and ask open-ended questions.
– Teamwork skills (Collaboration): By engaging in projects from start to finish, students are able to enhance their listening skills, practice effective communication, and refine their presentation abilities.
– Communication skills: Teachers listen to and encourage students to present their own ideas through effective communication.
“The limit of language is the limit of perception, of the world” – Ludwig Wittgenstein. World of Wonders is indeed an excellent support system for children, facilitating their language and cognitive development.

Alaska has been a pioneering institution in applying the World of Wonders curriculum from kindergarten to elementary school for the past 7 years. Alaska Academy proudly introduces to parents the fundamental elements that underpin the value and effectiveness of the World of Wonders curriculum (McGraw-Hill Publishing) for Pre-K ages. This commitment to quality education and holistic development sets Alaska Academy apart as a forward-thinking and nurturing learning environment.