ALASKA’S KINDERGARTEN PROGRAM: Unlocking the World Through Play and Exploration

Children thrive in learning environments that nurture their natural curiosity and love for active engagement. At Alaska, we believe play is the key to igniting children’s enthusiasm for learning. In our program, students will embark on a journey of discovery, exploring a wide range of exciting topics through hands-on, interactive activities. With ample opportunities to […]

International Preschool System

Entering first grade is a significant milestone for both the child and the entire family. Many parents express concerns about their child’s transition from the nurturing environment of kindergarten to the more independent and disciplined setting of first grade, where they are introduced to elementary school knowledge. It’s common for children to experience a sense […]

Introduction to the World of Wonders curriculum

  WORLD OF WONDERS CURRICULUM – MCGRAW-HILL Publishing House   To establish a strong educational base from the beginning, the World of Wonders curriculum from McGraw-Hill Publishing House introduces preschool students to a captivating world of discovery, cultivating and fostering an early appreciation for language. The World of Wonders is designed to prepare children aged […]