The Vietnamese Program: Encourages Children to Express Their Freely in Writing Alaska accords special importance to its Vietnamese program despite its strong emphasis on English language education. The Vietnamese program is an integration between the Ministry of Education and Training’s textbooks and the Language-EQ program designed by Dr. Dieu Lan Phuong, a lecturer at the […]


Alaska’s Mathematics Program seeks to address the traditional challenges of teaching math. It integrates the Ministry of Education and Training’s 2018 General Education Program with the Logical Mathematics Program developed by Prof. Dr. Le Anh Vinh. Dr. Vinh, an esteemed mathematician with a Ph.D. from Harvard University and extensive experience in international mathematics competitions, brings […]


The English program at Alaska International Primary School is designed with a teaching orientation that encourages students to use English as a tool to access knowledge across literature, nature, and society. The curriculum is structured to be dynamic and highly applicable, encompassing subjects such as Literature (Language Arts), Mathematics (Envision Maths), and Science. Additionally, the […]

Enjoy delicious and nutritious meals everyday!

Enjoy delicious and nutritious meals everyday! Alaska Preschool recognizes the crucial role of nutrition in supporting the physical, mental, and overall development of preschool children. Therefore, the school is deeply committed to providing meals of exceptional quality. Our focus is on utilizing foods of known origins, ensuring that every meal served meets rigorous food safety […]

Uniform regulations

The uniform regulations at Alaska Academy stip that the school uniforms consist primarily the colors white and red, with the Alaska logo embroidered on the left chest of the shirt., the school provides carefully tailored summer, fall, and winter coats made of sweat-absorbent, lightweight, and cool fabric. At the start of the school year, each […]

Boarding Service + School bus

Alaska Academy’s boarding services encompass, lunch, and supervised nap times at the school. To ensure students receive top-quality meals and rest, Alaska is committed to selecting boarding teachers who are trained in student care and have a genuine fondness for young children. In addition to the dedicated care and patience of teachers, boarding students at […]