Enjoy delicious and nutritious meals everyday!

Alaska Preschool recognizes the crucial role of nutrition in supporting the physical, mental, and overall development of preschool children. Therefore, the school is deeply committed to providing meals of exceptional quality. Our focus is on utilizing foods of known origins, ensuring that every meal served meets rigorous food safety standards. Furthermore, our menu emphasizes organic, healthful, and environmentally friendly options to promote the well-being of our students and contribute to a sustainable future.

Alaska Preschool takes pride in offering a diverse range of nutritious and delightful meals for students sourced from safe, fresh, and organic ingredients, including but not limited to Guilin organic rice, Pauls fresh milk imported from Australia, Lavie mineral water, Fresh Garden bread and cakes, microbial pork, Dai Ngan organic vegetables, and fish sourced from cages in Da River.
These efforts underscore the school’s dedication to providing high-quality, healthy meal options that support the overall development of the children.
Alaska Preschool is dedicated to nutritious and diverse meals for preschool that meet both the budget contributed by parents and the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Training food standards for young children.
The menu is carefully designed to ensure that it provides enough energy and a balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. The kindergarten offers a rich and varied menu that changes daily and takes into account seasonal preferences of the children.
All food preparation, cleaning, processing, and meal activities take place in a hygienic kitchen and cafeteria and are under the strict management and supervision of the School Board of Directors.
Furthermore, the Health Department samples, preserves, and stores the food used in meals for 24 hours in accordance with regulations to ensure food safety. This comprehensive approach underscores the kindergarten’s commitment to the children’s well-being.