The English program at Alaska International Primary School is designed with a teaching orientation that encourages students to use English as a tool to access knowledge across literature, nature, and society. The curriculum is structured to be dynamic and highly applicable, encompassing subjects such as Literature (Language Arts), Mathematics (Envision Maths), and Science. Additionally, the program offers rich learning materials including hard-copy books and digital resources to support students in their learning at home.

The English program appears to offer a diverse literary, exposing students to a wide range of literary forms and topics. Through reading comprehension critical thinking exercises, students have the opportunity to engage their imagination, enhance their critical thinking skills, and learn to approach problems from multiple perspectives. This approach not only fosters a love for language and literature but also prepares students to think critically about real-life events and issues.

The involvement of a team of young enthusiastic, and experienced foreign teachers is a significant factor in inspiring and nurturing students’ love for English and optimizing their learning outcomes.

Alaska has a dedicated focus on creating a cohesive curriculum that ensures a close connection between classes and levels within the school system. In the 5th grade curriculum, a specific focus is placed on teaching in-depth English topics in line with the basic knowledge content of the Ministry of Education and Training. This approach aims to provide students with a strong foundation in English language skills while aligning with educational standards.