Learning Math is fun with the Envision Math English Math Book Set

No longer dry, boring or abstract, with the Envision Math English Math Book Set, students from K to grade 5 at Alaska Academy have had interesting Math lessons.

Let’s learn about the strengths of Envision Math to understand why this is the book series chosen by Alaska Academy for teaching throughout the years.

Envision Math – provides core knowledge and skills

Mathematics has more and more applications in life. Basic mathematical knowledge and skills have helped people solve problems systematically and accurately, contributing to social development.

With the explosion of technology in the current digital era, Mathematics increasingly plays a key role as many content, programs, and scientific research fields need to be processed by algorithms.

At Alaska Academy, along with subjects such as English, Vietnamese, Mathematics is a basic subject that the school pays special attention to. Specifically, in addition to Professor Le Anh Vinh’s Tuy Duy math lessons, Alaska Academy has researched and decided to apply the Envision Math book series to teach Math in English to students.

The Envision Math book series (compiled according to the US CCSS core knowledge and skills output standards) has certain strengths covering knowledge and learning methods with 20 Math topics at each grade.

Envision Math is described in detail about the knowledge and skills standards that students need to achieve according to each topic of the lesson to guide teachers to clearly understand the goals and focus of knowledge to prepare lessons and teach effectively. .

In particular, knowledge in Envision Math not only helps students become familiar with numerical calculation issues, but more importantly, it also helps children develop and expand their thinking – consistent with the content and goals of Math. that the standard program of the Ministry of Education and Training is aiming for.

Moreover, when students are exposed to Math in the “cover” of a new language, English, they will achieve a form of “dual thinking” development: both memorizing the foreign language English and acquiring knowledge. knowledge of Mathematics.

Orienting students to learn Math in English right from elementary school not only helps them have a coherent Math mindset and actively absorb English language, but also helps them see Math and English. become more attractive.

Learning Math is fun with Envision Math

In fact, Math is a subject that plays an important role in helping students develop logical thinking and form problem-solving capacity. However, for most Vietnamese students, math is abstract, dry, boring and not at all connected to real life.

Overcoming these limitations, the Envision Math series introduces the 3 learning model – ACT (The hook – The model – The resolution), which gives students the opportunity to model conceptual thinking in real-life situations. Each lesson requires students to identify necessary variables, build a model from those variables, perform activities using the model, interpret the results of the activities, and confirm the conclusions of the results. that (in other words, students learn how to solve problems through simulated real-life situations).

Hidden under the interactive activities designed to simulate life, Envision Math’s game format are advanced educational principles, developed from research from Harvard, Stanford and the Einstein Institute (Israel). With this approach, students will grasp the essence of Math concepts, not just knowing how to calculate mechanically.

Throughout the Envision Math Series, students will find mathematics lively and interesting: They do not feel like they are “solving math” but rather “playing” and understanding mathematical concepts from a concrete level. to abstraction.

Besides, by learning through practice and making connections, students will no longer have difficulty applying learned knowledge to practical situations as well as will have a good methodological foundation when participating in exams. Math and English competitions at home and abroad.

From the 2021 – 2022 school year, with the coordination of Mr. Le Anh Vinh’s Math Club with Jenny, the Envision Math program in Alaska has integrated English math and Vietnamese math. Accordingly, the knowledge in English mathematics has been redistributed, rearranged or omitted to have similarities and not be too overlapping in terms of mathematical knowledge content. The integration of the program has helped students learn more focused English math content, without being spread out, in accordance with the number of periods allocated in the program.