📍FIBA-Standard Court, Experienced Coach, and Playful Basketballs…. These elements come together to create an exciting physical education lesson for the young students of Block K at Alaska Kindergarten.

According to Ms. Pham Thuy Phuong, Principal of Alaska Kindergarten, in addition to Taekwondo and Dance, which have been part of the curriculum in previous years, Alaska is introducing two new Physical Education subjects, Basketball and Dance, for Block K students in the 2024-2025 academic year. The goal is for students to engage in regular physical activity from a young age.
Mr. Doan Duy Trinh, a basketball teacher at Alaska Education System with extensive experience in playing and coaching the sport, shares that basketball offers a multitude of benefits, including:Enhanced focus and discipline; Strong bone development; Endurance training; Improved self-confidence… Therefore, introducing basketball at a young age is highly beneficial for the physical fitness and willpower of preschoolers. Of course, selecting age-appropriate exercises is crucial for this age group.
👉 Now, let’s invite parents to join us in observing the Block K students of Alaska as they practice to see how much fun it is to “make friends” with the round ball…