✅ This morning, April 1st, 2024, the April Flag Raising Ceremony with the theme “The Book I Love” took place at Alaska with the participation of all elementary school students.
This April, book lovers around the world celebrate Vietnamese Book and Reading Culture Day (April 21st) and World Book and Copyright Day (April 23rd).
With the theme “The Book I Love”, Alaska Academy aims to nurture a love of reading in every Alaskids, so that they can explore the endless treasure trove of knowledge and nurture a rich soul.
At the April Flag Raising Ceremony, the school honored and awarded certificates of merit and gifts to students who achieved high academic and athletic achievements at the Sports Day – Sport Day 2024.
Alaska Academy believes that with a spirit of learning and continuous effort, Alaskids will continue to achieve even greater success in this April.
Specifically, they will focus on completing the second semester exam well, participating in an exciting field trip, and working together to build creative scientific projects for the “ALASKA SCIENCE FAIR 2024”.
💕 Wishing April will bring joy and success to all Alaskids! ❤️