🌸 Taking place within the framework of the Alaska Spring Fair 2024, the Early Spring Poetry Contest was one of the activities that attracted 100% of the students from grades 3, 4, and 5 of Alaska International Elementary School to participate.
Regularly exposed to beautiful passages and poems in Language and EQ lessons, for Alaskids, writing poetry is like a joy of expressing what they observe, think, and dream through their verses.
At the Early Spring Poetry Contest, with the requirement of “using 5-syllable verse to create a 5-6 stanza poem”, after 45 minutes of implementation, 42 teams finished with their works, which were lovely poems decorated in a funny and cute way with creative ideas.
Ms. Mai Anh – Language and EQ teacher – shared: Writing poetry is one of the activities that students love very much in Language and EQ lessons. The diligence in reading books and being guided by the teacher to suggest and choose words and ideas for writing poetry right from grade 1 has helped many Alaskids have poems with very rich imagery and emotions.
💕 Congratulations to the 3 First Prize teams and 3 Impressive Prize teams at the Early Spring Poetry Contest. Hopefully, the poems will always bring the children a lot of joy so that they will love Vietnamese even more and continue to imagine and create to have many more beautiful poems.❤️
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