📍 After a refreshing summer filled with fun and adventures, the energetic and enthusiastic students of Alaska International Primary School have eagerly returned to their beloved school, ready to embark on an exciting new academic year – 2024-2025.

💕 In anticipation of their students’ return, the teachers had engaged in thorough discussions and careful preparations, meticulously reviewing each Alaskid’s unique strengths, interests, and learning styles. This dedication to understanding their students as individuals would serve as the foundation for building strong connections and fostering a personalized learning experience throughout the year.
💕 For the first graders embarking on their first day of school, the excitement was palpable. Not only were they accompanied by their supportive parents, but they also received a warm welcome from the school’s Principal and teachers. Each first grader was presented with a small yet meaningful gift, a token of appreciation for their courage and a symbol of the many milestones they would achieve during their time at Alaska.