🤽‍♀️ Taking place within the framework of Sport Day 2024, the competitions, including BASKETBALL, SACK JUMPING, and TUG-OF-WAR, are taking place in full swing at Alaska’s playground.
With BASKETBALL, the exciting and excellent matches of grades 3-4-5 are the result of regular basketball lessons and hours of enthusiastic practice by Alaskids on the FIBA-quality court.
Immersed in the folk game SACK JUMPING, Alaskids not only have the opportunity to train their physical strength, jumping ability, and dexterity in balancing; but also create a fun and united atmosphere when they together determine to win.
Taking place in a short time, but consuming a lot of energy for both players and fans – TUG-OF-WAR must be mentioned. With high determination, the members of each class have come together to create a strong and enthusiastic team
💪 There are winning teams and teams that have not won yet, but smiles, sweat, and team spirit have and are creating a truly exciting Sport Day 2024.**
Come, cheer and experience the wonderful things at the biggest sporting event of the year for Alaskas – Sport Day 2024❤️
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