📌 Taking place on the Vietnamese Sports Day, March 27th, the SPORT DAY 2024 Finals of Alaska International Elementary School became a special event when witnessing the moments of sublimation of the young athletes.
If BASKETBALL shows the agility and dexterity of Alaskids; TAEKWONDO requires strength and determination; then TUG-OF-WAR requires high tactics and teamwork spirit.
In particular, FLASHMOB is a flexible combination of strong sportsmanship and smooth, gentle body movements…
All of these have created a vibrant and different Sports Day atmosphere at Alaska. There, the children:
🔸 Understand better the value of sports training
🔸 Promote solidarity and cooperation among team members
🔸 Understand and learn many skills, have a positive attitude towards life
🔸 Relieve stress and study pressure effectively
Develop good qualities such as honesty, perseverance, tolerance, responsibility, self-respect.
Sports don’t matter who you are, what your body shape is, or where you start. As long as you are determined and persistent, sports will become a playground – where you learn to cherish your body and learn meaningful lessons.
Alaska School is happy and proud to be the place to ignite the passion for sports and to practice and nurture that passion with Alaskids.
Goodbye SPORT DAY 2024 with tears, smiles, lots of sweat and full of happy smiles❤️