In keeping with its name, the Luminous Alaskids 2023 competition provided a platform for young contestants to display their talents and truly shine. Today, the Kindergarten Preliminary Round featured 32 performances, surprising both judges and the audience with a diverse range of acts.
🎶 The Alaskids showcased their enthusiastic singing, dancing, drawing, and English public speaking skills. Particularly heartwarming was the performance of the “chít chít” group, which exuded an adorable mix of shyness, innocence, and playfulness that struck a chord with the audience, eliciting strong emotions.
💞The immediate applause and affectionate hugs from teachers and parents beautifully conveyed the love and admiration for the contestants. A heartfelt thank you to the children for igniting their passion!
🔥 Stay tuned, as the announcement of the best performances advancing to the Final Round is coming soon. Parents, please keep an eye out for updates!
Block NT1 Dich Vong Urban Area, Tho Thap, Dich Vong, Cau Giay, Hanoi
Hotline for Kindergarten Admissions: 0983.510.518 - Primary: 09.6158.6258