📌 Agile, skillful and persistent, Dao Minh Khue, a student of class 5A3, Alaska International Elementary School, has surpassed many contestants to win the Bronze medal – 50m freestyle event at the 10th Hanoi City Phu Dong Sports Festival – 2024.
To qualify for the Hanoi City Phu Dong Sports Festival, at the 6th Cau Giay District Phu Dong Sports Festival – 2024, Dao Minh Khue was the outstanding female contestant when she made an effort to break through and win 2 First prizes in swimming: First prize in 50m breaststroke & First prize in 50m freestyle.
Previously, when she was a student in grade 4, Dao Minh Khue also participated in the 5th Cau Giay District Phu Dong Sports Festival and won the First prize in 25m breaststroke & Second prize in 25m freestyle.
Because of her love for swimming and choosing swimming as a sport to improve her health, Dao Minh Khue practices very hard. She is even happier because she has a mother who cares wholeheartedly and creates conditions for her to develop her swimming ability. This is also the reason why Dao Minh Khue has achieved many achievements and interesting experiences on the “green track”.
💕 Talking about Dao Minh Khue, Ms. Vu Thi Le – homeroom teacher of class 5A3 – shared: Dao Minh Khue is a lovely, friendly and very active girl. She is cheerful, open-minded and always enthusiastically helps others. Class 5A3 is proud to have a “little swimmer” who is agile and flexible like her❤️