Experience being a 1st grader at Alaska

Bright Time 2024

Bright Time 2024 Admissions Program at Alaska Academy:

  • Your child will have the opportunity to have fun for 2 days in.
  • A variety of, hands-on activities help your child to if Alaska is the right school for them


Phase 1: December 23 & 24, 2023

Phase 2: January 13 & 14, 2024

Phase 3: February 29 & March 1, 2024


Alaska International Elementary School – Lot NT1 Dich Vong New Urban Area, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Register for the experience for grade 1 students here



Step 1:

Parents can register their child for the experience by following the link provided Link

Step 2:

Parents will transfer money by the provided instructions.

Step 3:

The parents will receive notification of the date, time of the experience, and the child's class name.

Step 4:

Parents will receive notification of the date, time of the experience, and the child's class name.

Step 5:

Students take part in the admissions.

Step 6:

Parents will receive notification of the experience results.

Step 7:

The child should enrol according to the notification and instructions provided by the school.


Alaska Academy

Academic Year 2024 – 2025 In the academic year 2024-202, in addition to continuing the successful of the American Advanced Program that has brought renown to Alaska, we are excited to introduce Cambridge Advanced International System This esteemed educational program utilized in more than 10,000 schools across 160 countries, further enriching our offerings.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, active, and creative learning environment, ensuring that children have access to a well-rounded educational experience. Alaska remains committed to expanding opportunities for hands-on learning and practice, with the aim of nurturing generations of happy, autonomous, creative, and compassionate students.

If parents are still considering

  • Which school can truly make their child happy and contribute to their positive development?
  • Where can children confidently take their first steps on their lifelong learning journey?
We invite them to spend two days with us, allowing their child to experience a day as a first-grader at Alaska.

Through engaging learning experiences with teachers and peers in our beautiful and comfortable classroom environment, children will discover where they belong. This opportunity will help parents make the most suitable choice for their beloved child.


In the school year 2024 – 2025, Alaska International Elementary School recruits for grade 1 according to 3 systems:

American Advanced International System

The American program has been implemented by Alaska for many years and has made the brand for Alaska. The program aims to help students master the language and develop their thinking. American students can use English to research and study other subjects, thereby building a basic knowledge foundation for each grade level.

Cambridge Advanced International System

Alaska chooses the textbooks of Collins Publishing House for the curriculum of the Cambridge Advanced International System. This is a set of books that meets all the requirements of the Cambridge Primary Science Curriculum Framework since 2011 and has been applied in many countries.

Standard International System
  • The Standard International System follows the American textbook curriculum with all 3 subjects Language Arts (English), Science (Science) – McGraw Hill Publishing House and enVison Math (Math) by Pearson Publishing House.
  • The curriculum of all 3 subjects in the Standard International System are compiled and redistributed by Alaska with content and duration appropriate for the student’s ability.
  • The program is taught 50% of the time with Native teachers and 50% of the time with Vietnamese teachers.

Wellbeing Subject

The Cambridge Wellbeing (Health and Emotional Management) subject is included in the curriculum of all 3 international systems with the aim of guiding and encouraging students to learn about themselves and nurture positive relationships with those around them. Through the subject, students are able to:

Identify factors that enhance physical and mental health for themselves and those around them; know how to manage themselves emotionally and physically; explore relationships between individuals, including friendship, family, the importance of community and social responsibility.

Develop communication skills when interacting with others, know how to solve situations in life.

Vietnamese Language Program

The Vietnamese Language Program at Alaska offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for students. By integrating textbooks from the Ministry of Education and Training with the Language Program - EQ of Dr. Dieu Lan Phuong

The program aims to empower students to connect with real-life experiences, enhance creativity, and confidently use their mother tongue. The emphasis on real-life practice and the "Reading Culture" Program system is designed to foster a love of reading and improve students' writing abilities.

Additionally, the incorporation of a weekly Library period during school hours further supports this holistic approach to language education, prioritizing both language competency and a love for literature and creative expression.

Math Program

Alaska's Math program is a departure from traditional passive learning, bridging Ministry of Education and's General Education Program2018 with Professor Dr. Le Anh Vinh's Thinking Math.

In addition to the standard primary school Math, students at Alaska will be to modern Math concepts in areas such as Arithmetic, Combinatorics, Geometry, Thinking, Algorithms, Logic, and Statistics in age-appropriate formats. The program boasts a diverse array of Math exercises aimed at piquing students' curiosity and creativity, incorporating visual aids, games, movement, group activities, storytelling, and competitions to keep students engaged and excited about Math. Through this approach, students not only enhance their intelligence quotient and problem-solving skills, but also develop independent thinking, visual observation, and practical Math skills.

Furthermore, Alaska features an Advanced Math section to further challenge and prepare students for the Middle School program.

Art Program

The art program in Alaska is structured around themes and utilizes materials sourced from the richness life. Its primary is to nurture observation, foster creativity and imagination, and contribute to the development of aesthetic and thinking in children.

Music Program

In Alaska, students engage in weekly music lessons that encompass music theory, singing, articulation, solfège, interactive music games, and hands-on experience with various musical instruments in the dedicated music room. These sessions provide an avenue for children to express their emotions, appreciate the beauty of music, and alleviate stress. Furthermore, they foster aesthetic appreciation and a love for music, contributing to the holistic and harmonious development of the students' personalities.

Physical Education Program

Alaska's Physical Education program includes Taekwondo, Basketball, and Dance as part of the regular curriculum to promote physical fitness and overall development. The experienced teachers aim to develop sports skills, improve physical fitness, and educate students about the spirit of fair play and honesty in sports.

Reading Program

Alaska highly values its Reading Program, with a modernly invested library containing over 10,000 English and Vietnamese books. The school not only includes library lessons in the formal curriculum but also organizes activities, projects, and events related to books to build a healthy reading culture for students and help them make the most of their reading hours.

Life Skills Program

Alaska's Life Skills Program is tailored to the specific topics and months of each grade level. 

  • For grades 3, 4, and 5: The program covers topics such as Financial Management, Injury Prevention, School Psychology, Traffic Safety, Online Safety, School Bullying Prevention, and Sex Education. Meanwhile.
  • For grades 1 and 2: the focus is on social skills tailored to each age group and integrated into weekly lessons.
Extracurricular Activities and Experiential Learning Program

The extracurricular activities and experiential learning program at Alaska School sounds engaging and enriching for the students. The field trips provide an opportunity for students to go sightseeing and experience new environments, while the annual events and festivals offer a platform for students to express themselves, explore new interests, and showcase their abilities. This kind of experiential learning can promote teamwork and help students develop a well-rounded perspective of the world around them.

After-School Clubs

Alaska School offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities andiential learning opportunities for students. These include field trips, annual events, and after-school clubs, all designed to help explore and develop their and interests in cultural, artistic, sports activities. The clubs are led by experienced and dedicated teachers who are passionate about their respective fields. Students can choose from a variety of clubs based on their interests and talents, such as: Martial arts club, Basketball club, Coding club, Drawing club, Chess club, MC club, Dance sport club, Debate club, Dance club.

Common tuition fees for 3 systems:



100% discount on admission fee of 5,000,000 VND
30% discount on school development fee and learning materials fee
30% discount on tuition fee announced throughout the school year
Teaching language
English, Vietnamese
Usable area of the school
15.000 m2
Number of classrooms and functional rooms specially designed for subjects
Nearly 100 rooms
6-11 years old
Teacher-to-student ratio
28-30 students
Number of English lessons/week
20-25 lessons (50% of the program)
3 meals (Using organic food from reputable suppliers)
Physical area
+ 2 standard Fiba outdoor basketball courts
+ 1 Olympic standard Taekwondo arena
+ 1 indoor basketball court